Start Saving with Solar Energy!

Do you want to generate your own power? Choose PennTech, Inc to outfit your home or business with a solar energy system in Missouri or Kansas. Not only will you have a steady source of alternative energy-producing power, but you’ll also benefit by:

  • Reducing or eliminating energy bills
  • Avoiding utility inflation
  • Saving immediately
  • Getting valuable tax credits and rebates
  • Earning great returns
  • Increasing property and resell values
  • Enjoying energy independence
  • Protecting our environment with clean, pure energy

Solar energy is a SMART investment with long-term benefits! No upfront costs for properties that qualify, we can show you how the ENERGY SAVINGS PAYS FOR THE SOLAR.

Call or text us for a free estimate or to schedule your complimentary solar analysis.

How Much Do You Know About Solar Energy?

If you answered, “Not much,” you’re not alone. That’s why PennTech, Inc provides complimentary solar analyses. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about owning and maintaining a solar energy system in Missouri or Kansas.

We’ll determine the size of the solar array with your past 12 months of light bills. Then we’ll perform a site survey to look at area shading and the best location for optimal performance. If it’s feasible to install solar on your home or business, we can get your project scheduled ASAP.

Contact us today to learn more about our solar energy services in Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lee’s Summit, and surrounding areas. We also provide solar maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, diagnostic reports for insurance claims, and warranty work with solar manufacturers.